Hot 'N Tasty opened in May of 2014 on 81 Lang Ha street in Hanoi and is now the 6th Brand of the Al Fresco's Group of Restaurants in Vietnam

This concept was arrived at when we enjoyed our staff outings at other BBQ table places. The relaxing eat /drink /chat style, really appealed to us, we have always felt that mealtime is a very social thing and should be enjoyed with family and friends.

After almost 20 years in Hanoi we have come to understand how important value for money is to our guests and that pricing should be clear with no surprises when you get the bill. 

The "All you can Eat" menu buffet for a fixed price delivers great value, and our guests can order as much as they like from our expensive and delicious menu, to have the best meal for themselves, friends and family.

The hot n tasty offer is a fantastic value outing with family and friends.
With ostrich, crocodile, oysters, salmon, and other popular seafood ,accompanying lots of imported beef choices , we have tried to be original in what we offer , but still understand why this concept is so popular with people here and around the world.

Our chefs hot pot broths are original and delicious, nearly all guests save room for this and our dessert trolley. 
The many choices of cakes and desserts is a big favorite and sets us apart from other places,
Which finish with fruit only.
We look forward to expanding our latest BBQ table concept in the future.